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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's been a long time sweethearts. Busy with school, and some other social activities so I haven't actually really had the time to or energy or motivation to sit down and blog. Anyway, I've decided finally to move. Yes move away from here, start anew and have a new lease of life.

So yes I'm working on my new blog.(: Should be up in a bit. Take care, see you all and thanks for being such loyal readers. XOXO!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fuck. What have I just done? My life = One Big Mess.

Scratch that. Why the hell am I blaming myself what you've done to me. Dayum I really wasn't thinking straight last night. Gosh I'm really tired of people thinking what a fantastic God-fearing, law abiding and most of all kind and benevolent man you are. Can there be anyone whose more hypocritical than you are. *cough* 100% Pharisee *cough cough* Wait till they find out that you personify, Slimeball. Yup. I'm tired of censoring my words out here, and this time I've come to the end of my tether, literally. Last night was basically symbolic of me breaking free. Yeah sure you think you're fucking smart making life a super bitch for me, using reverse psychology to try and make me do what you want. I'm sorry to say that I can see through your simple ploys, and you disgust me you snivelling coward. What a jerk-off. When I do get to you...you'll be effing sorry that you ever crossed me this way.

And if I can't finish my final script on time, it's your bloody fault you unreasonable bloody asshole. Now how about you do me a favour, and go to hell.

Anger, not red hot but ice cold. 
Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's been some time and I've been strangled by project deadlines and other issues. Chinese New Year was really low key this year, not that I mind. Being so tired out didn't make me feel any more sociable to people I see like once a year.

I love mandarin oranges and my darling peels them the best.

Went to film at Fari's house on the eve of Chinese New Year.
I'm having trouble trying to decide which one's cuter...
Very, very tired looking us. But thanks so much Tom and Gera for helping out on such short notice and my darling for keeping me grounded always. 
CNY Day 1 was spend shuttling between the grandmothers.
And I seriously don't know what was happening here. HAHA!

CNY Day 2 I think we covered like 7 houses in total. So tired out!
My mom can't take a proper picture for nuts.
My dad never waits for us to look in his direction.
The only nice one. Sigh the dog's so good natured!

I really wanna go horseriding by the seaside with flowers braided in my hair and the sea breeze tickling my senses. No more of school and horrible fights please, my heart and soul can only take so much. I've never felt the lack of motivation more than last night. Why does it always have to be this way? Party pooper, wet blanket number 1. I don't cry often but when I do, it's bad I hate it.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Promise to blog soon darlings.(:
Monday, January 19, 2009

Because I haven't been out much. A night out with the friends and darling makes me dizzy and trippy like that. Sushi Tei for Lyn's 20th. I think we very much laughed the whole place down. Loud is us. Pictures time.
Group photo like nice!Lyn is happy with her present. Jam is happier.Strawberry Cheesecake.
Look at her grinning away.(:
OMG. Nipples on fire. HAHAHAHA. This was super hilarious.
Wish...And then wish somemore...
A good blowjob always does the trick.
Lyn so enthu about her cake. HAHAHA!
Happy Birthday Carolyn!
And because we are girls...
The Boyfriendband.

To Butter Factory and since it was her big day Lyn got to ride in my car. Well, she's kinda the only one who also hasn't had a taste of my driving skills. ^^

Everyone got drink, drank, drunk and I ended up in tears outside for awhile. Not because I was drunk, not because of a fight but yeah I hate to cry in public. I hardly cry. Ever. Sorry if I scared you some sweetheart, really didn't mean to. =x
Hazel, Mel, Lyn, Angela and Charm. (:
Some tender loving care.
We didn't take any pictures at Butter very surprisingly. This was from some girl's camera. She wanted to take a picture of us. It turned out to be Cheryl's friend's friend and Cheryl found our picture on facebook.

Saturday was my day of rest like finally after a hellish week. Met up with Angela in the evening to film our Slinger's game. This time we got Media Passes. What a breeze! Was super tiring but I think I got quite a bit of good footage. YAY!(: Although I almost got hit by a player and had many near misses by the ball because I was sitting right under the basketball net.
My pass stole all the limelight!
Photoshoot much?! 

Picked up Ed first and met up again with Leo and Angela for supper at Simpang. Simpang boys dropped by to say hello.(:
We ordered Tom Yum Chicken Soup. Yummmmy!

Leo's burger which tasted surprisingly yummy and Angela's Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis Perdas with Egg.

My Sambal Seafood Nasi Goreng and Ed's Nasi Goreng Pattaya.

Finally received my belated Christmas present from sweetheart. BAXX hoodie yo. Love, love, love it!(: It's so white, warm and pretty. Just afraid it'd get dirty fast. Gotta be careful where I lean against and what I do. Thanks manymany darling! Appreciate all the 'pain and trouble' you went through to get it for me, and the effort put into the little note as well. Charm's mighty impressed!

Super hungry. Had a very early dinner at 6p.m. Shall go shower, and get something to eat and sleep. Sigh, sending my sister to school every morning leaves me exhausted because my sleep's broken and I can't get back to sleep after. School's still a bitch so can't wait for it to be all over so I can be the slacker that I excel at. Nighters!

I'm awake but my world is half asleep.
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Charm's sick. For the better part of a week already. Sucks because this is crazy deadline week. Anyhow, this calls for a hiatus. I will be back, better...literally speaking. HAHA. Promise to blog when possible. Take care kiddos!^^
Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I think I need some of these. Stressballs. I might just end up squeezing them so hard they disintegrate or something though. School's a bitch, my life keeps fcking up and I have a non existant social life. Does it get any better? 

Cannot find my APEL portfolio, think it's due next week and damn if I really cannot find it I'll probably have to do up a new one. Must be somewhere...

5 months as of today. Would love doing a more wordy post but I'm so tired and not in the right mood right now. But I love you baby, so very much. You make me all trippy and fall over and over again. Not that I mind. Thanks for being there. Study hard and make me proud. Welcome to twenty 09' we've got a whole year ahead of us. XOXO! (:

It's personal, myself and I. We got some straightening out to do.